We believe that every part of one's life should honor, reflect, and consider God's role in our lives--even down to the clothing we wear. We hand-letter each of our brand items with love for our customers, and to the glory of God.


Frustrated with the constant "move" of society to push God and faith in Christ out of everyday life, Nedra Womble-Slater, founder and CEO of THEN WHAT, LLC spiritual sportswear, pondered a few questions in her heart: What if God cared for us the way we care for Him? What if God gave us the same amount of time and attention we give Him? Most importantly, What if everything that happened in our lives was solely dependent upon our futile efforts? Then what???

Then What, LLC is a reminder to consider God as you go about your everyday life and to have an honest conversation with yourself about your relationship with God. Remember the grace you receive moment by moment!